Mission & Objectives

Mission & Objectives



Our Institute, with its unique position as a member of the University acts as a bridge between the academic and the business world, and provides a learning ground for budding managers of the 21st century Specifically.

The Institute strives to provide a nucleus of world class management education programma within the framework of the Gujarat University.

The Institute aims to contribute to the society by developing responsible managers and outstanding individuals who will take up leadership challenges in various sectors of the economy.

The Institute desires to add value to organizations in particular and the society in general, through developing young individuals with a strong desire and commitment to serve the economy.

The Institute’s endeavour is to develop tomorrow’s managers who are committed to provide a strong sense of ethical and responsible leadership.

The Institute, besides, aims to also disseminate management development and training to all sections of the society and thus nurture the development of other areas of the economy and the society with an emphasis on less privileged and under managed institutions.


To help students develop knowledge, skills and attitude for dealing with business problems faced by managers.
To help the students develop attitude to take up leadership challenges.