Horizon, the annual extravaganza of the college, is the conjunction between the corporate world and students. Aiming to take advantage of the strategic synergies, the students come together, with an attempt to bring the cream of the corporate world on a common platform. This is in view of getting an insight into the various theories and practices that these eminent personalities possess. It is a platform to showcase the experience and skill sets that these business stalwarts have acquired over the years. The student body works extremely hard to provide exceptional management events and informative knowledge sharing sessions which cover a wide range of topics such as marketing, finance, strategy and entrepreneurship.
Usually conducted in the first week of January, this event draws attention from various corporate houses and students all over the state thus proclaiming its overwhelming success.


True to its name ‘Spectrum’, an intercollegiatemanagement event, spreads its rays of vibrance by making it pass through a rigorous evaluation procedure under the critical eyes of judges belonging to renowned academic and corporate background.
It is a platform for various B-Schools to participate and win accolades through healthy competition. It helps the students in accomplishing the desired standards in the dynamic corporate world.
Aiming to tap the hidden potential and awakening the competitive spirit, Spectrum consists of a series of managerial games designed so as to replicate the actual corporate environment. Events like Biz-Quiz, financial and marketing games which test the management concepts are played with fervor and zeal by reputed B-Schools.

Som-Lalit Alumni Association

Som-Lalit Alumni Association organizes the Alumni meet and frequent get-togethers to share their experiences, achievements and hurdles faced in the corporate world. This paves the way for students of past and present to create a bond among themselves and share a common platform to help one another as ONE FAMILY. The alumni further is a source of inspiration and motivation for the novices who graduate every year and are on the threshold of entering the corporate world.


SLIMS and SLIBM organizes various workshops on management related topics like Motivation, How Concepts work in Practical Life, Digital Marketing etc. It enhances the students’ skills and provide practical aspects on the topics. These workshops develop professional attitude in the students.

Business Speaker Sessions and Seminars

The institute arranges speaker sessions of different areas like, finance, marketing, statistics, HR, OB, economics etc. to throw light on the current trends and happenings in the respective fields. These sessions are led by industry experts and experts in related subject areas, who share their knowledge with students and enhance their skills.


SLIMS organizes management quiz in participation with Business Standard, which helps students to gain management and corporate knowledge. It helps them to get updated about the field. Such activities, apart from regular academics, are required to get them prepared for the corporate world.

SIP Project Competition

Summer Internship is an integral part of the curriculum. SIP Competitions motivate the students to give their best.