The course structure is as per the Gujarat University. You can refer to Gujarat University’s website for the same.

List of Subject Offered in B.Com.
Sem I
Core Fundamentals of Busi. Economics-I
Core Human Resource Management
Core Accountancy-I
Core Communication in Business
Core General English-Text & Composition
Core Elective Advanced Accounting & Auditing
Subject Elective Advanced Statistics
Foundation Tally Accounting
Soft Skill Personality Development
Sem II
Core Fundamentals of Busi. Economics-II
Core Fundamentals of Marketing Mgmt.
Core Accountancy-II
Core Business Correspondence
Core General English-Grammer & Composi.
Core Elective Financial Accounting-I
Subject Elective Operations Research
Foundation Environmental Studies
Soft Skill Analysis of Acc. Statements
Core Economics of Government Fi
Core Indian Financial System
Core Taxation-I
Core Commercial Communication
Core Fundamental Statistics-I
Core Elective Cost Accounting-I
Core Elective Corporate Accounting
Foundation Service Management
Soft Skill Company Secre.-Duties
Sem IV
Core Economics Of Growth  & Finance
Core Production Management
Core Taxation II
Core Commercial  Communication IV
Core Fundamentals  Of  Statistics II
Core Elective Cost  Accounting II
Core Elective Audit I
Foundation World Trade Organization
Soft Skill Legal  Drafting
List of Subject Offered
Sem V
Core Economics of International Trade
Core Marketing Management in Practice
Core Busines Laws-I
Core Corporate Communication
Core Fundamental Statistics- III
Core Elective Cost & Financial Accounting
Core Elective Management Accounting I
Foundation Rural Marketing
Soft Skill Presentation Skills
Sem VI
Core India Business and Economics Environment
Core Fundamentals of Financial Management
Core Business Laws- II
Core Media and Public Relation Communication
Core Fundamental Statistics-IV
Core Elective Management Accounting – II
Core Elective Auditing – II
Foundation Financial Services
Soft Skill Writing Skills