The Institute has started a Three-Year B.C.A. Degree Course, affiliated to the Gujarat University, from the academic year 1999-2000.

The details of various computing facilities for students, faculty, administrative staff, etc. at Som-Lalit Institute of Computer Applications are as:

The following servers are installed in the students’ laboratory:

  1. INTEL 2U GL4 RACK SERVER with 2.1 GHz Six Core 12 Thread Processor with 15MB Cache with 16GB RAM and 1TB HDD and Windows-2003 OS .
  2. IBM Netfinity Server Series with Dual Processor and 1GB RAM.
  3. INTEL Pentium 4 Server with 1 TB HDD and 4 GB RAM with Windows-2003 server.
  4. 2 INTEL Pentium 4 Servers with 1 GB RAM and 512 HDD with OS Red Hat Linux 5 Enterprise.
  5. One AS/400, the most successful and most popular commercial midrange computer system today. Among the myriad hardware solutions introduced by IBM, the IBM AS/400 is the most popular midrange computer capable of providing total IT solutions.
  6. 150 PCs INTEL Core 2 Duo Processor with 1GB RAM and 500 GB of HDD in each connected with server.

Computer terminals, which are connected in the LAN with servers mentioned above.

Network at the Institute is based on a variety of technologies including LINUX, TCP/IP and Windows 2003. LINUX and Windows 2003 server provide file, print and other value added services like e-mail and electronic notice boards. Every user on the campus is provided an account on severs and has access to facilities according to the type of user.

The Institute offers Leased line Internet connectivity with 4.0 Mbps speed, and thus enabling the students a thorough exposure to the various online services like e-mail, ftp, telnet, newsgroup and web browsing.

The Institute also provides Wi-Fi LAN connectivity with Institute’s Network and Internet to the students for the study purpose.

Facility to provide on-line education:

A special class-room with around 45 computers is equipped with on-line educational media like LCD.

With this special class-room students are able to do their class-room work as well as Lab-exercises on-line with instructors.